Where Is Gir National Park Situated? – An Amusing Story!!

Where is Gir National Park situated? This Park is located in the state of Gujarat in India. It was established in 1964 to conserve the Asiatic lion, which is largely found in the deciduous forests of Gujarat. Let’s know more about Gir National Park in this dedicated blog.



Where Is Gir National Park Situated? – An Amusing Story Behind It!!

Gir Forest National Park has many attractions that a visitor can enjoy. It is one of the most visited national parks located in Gujarat. It is known for its unique flora and fauna as well as for its rich history. The story of Gir reminds us of King Chhotelal of Gujarat who was obsessed with collecting beautiful pieces of metal.

When he found out that gold was essential for his luxury, he asked the local villagers to gather all gold they could find. To make way for the gathering of gold, local villagers cut down hundreds of trees hence resulting in the creation of what we now know as Gir National Park.


Gir National Park And Tourism:->>

India tourism had emerged in the last two decades, and tourism in Gujarat is at its peak. Many places across India have nature reserves or national parks, which attracts thousands of tourists every year, but none are quite like Gir National Park. Located in the center of Gujarat, it covers approximately 401 square kilometers and is spread over nine acres. It consists of thickly wooded forests, rivers, watery gorges, and the mighty Gir.


Most Popular Destinations Of India:->>

The national park has been called one of the most popular destinations in India. It offers some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in India. There are various reasons behind its fame and popularity. One is its unique environment that is safe for wildlife.

The Junagarh Fort and the Chittorgarh Fort are some of the key attractions within the park. The lush green forests, gushing waterfalls, tiger reserves, and deer parks add more fascination to the park and make it a popular destination for Indian and abroad film stars, naturalists, and safari enthusiasts.


Other Reasons For Gir National Park’s Popularity:->>

Another reason behind the popularity of the Gir National Park is its rich variety of flora and fauna. The park has some of the richest rain forests and wildlife sanctuaries in India. It has been declared a protected area by the government and many tourists from all over the country visit it to explore its exotic species of flora and fauna.

Indian wildlife enthusiasts also love to visit the Junagarh Fort, the most preferred attraction in the region. There are various other attractions like the Zanskar Falls, the implausible Junagarh Fort, and the Junagarh Botanical Garden. The Zanskar Falls has a wonderful cascading water body that attracts a lot of tourists and is said to be the largest waterfall in India.


What Makes The Trip More Exciting:->>

The Gir National Park is renowned for its zigzag tracks that take the explorers to the depths of the forest. This makes the trip more exciting as the scenery here is picturesque and beautiful. The main gate of the park is situated at Zanskar Pass and the other half at Chittorgarh.

There are many hotels in the area and these provide good accommodation facilities to the travelers who tour this exotic travel destination. Tourists can make use of the internet facility in booking their hotels or restaurants and can have access to a large number of online menu options.


Points To Consider Before Visit:->>

Online bookings can be done through the online booking option of hotels and other service providers in Gir National Park. The service providers in India are known to offer excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists who enjoy a stay in these accommodations.

These service providers have tie-ups with leading hotels and restaurants and so it becomes easy for the travelers to search for a hotel they would like to stay in during their visit to the national park. The price of booking online is much lower than the price charged by the hotels and other service providers in India.


Other Information:->>

The Gir National Park official website also has a lot of other information about the fascinating wildlife sanctuary. The website also provides details about the lodging facilities and the restaurant recipes served here. The bio-diversity of the park along with the migration patterns and the flora and fauna of the park is also discussed on the site.

The information provided on this website helps the tourists to make an informed choice while choosing a tour package for them. The website also offers useful information about the routes used in the tour and highlights the best tour packages available in the market based on eco-tourism.


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