How To Prepare Green Tea At Home – (2 Easy Brewing Methods)

How To Prepare Green Tea At Home

how to prepare green tea


Making The ideal cup of green tea entails only a couple steps. It’s possible to prepare green tea mainly two distinct methods but may add a number of other helpful ingredients together with green tea.


There are 2 easy brewing methods for how to prepare green tea at home.

Method 1 – How to prepare green tea with leaves


Green Tea groundwork differs than that of black tea which we make in our home. You have to follow some basic measures. While creating green tea, keep in mind that when the tea leaves are high in water that is over 90°C, the tea will become bitter. Thus, steep it in water that is not get over heated.


Everything You Will Need for prepare green tea:-


  • Green tea leaves — that the simple amount would be 1 tsp to 1 cup of green tea.


  • Wash and dry it this step is essential in case you use this strainer to create regular black tea.


  • A cup



  • 1 cup of plain water




step 1->


Now take as much teaspoons of green tea leaves as much cups of green tea you want to make, like take 4 tsp of green tea leaves for 4 cups of tea each cup.



Step 2->

Now, take the tea leaves in a sieve and keep aside

step 3->


Now take a stainless steel pan to boil the water. If you want to use a glass teapot instead, you can. Friends, the ideal temperature of green tea is 80 ° C to 85 ° C, so keep an eye on water from the beginning so that the water does not get too hot. If it gets too hot then you should turn off the gas and let it cool down for a while until it reaches the specified temperature.



Step 4->

Now, place the sieve over the cup or mug.

step 5->


Next, pour hot water into the cup and let the tea stand for 3 minutes. This is the step where we will need to be careful. Not everyone likes strong tea, to taste if the tea is just right, keep tasting it with a spoon and drink every 30-45 seconds to know if the taste is ideal for you.


step 6->


Now, If you would like, you might add 1 tsp of honey as you already know about health benefits of honey.


step 7->


Now shake the honey and mix it and let it cool down a little to drink, now friends, you can enjoy your green tea.


Method 2 – How to make green tea at home with Tea-Bags.

Green tea bags are, well, convenient for lots of men and women. They are mobile and can be made into a hot cuppa fast — all you’ll need is a cup of warm water. So, here is the way to prepare a cup of green tea using a green tea bag. If you’re using tea bags, then be sure that they’re created in an unbleached substance. Most tea bags are bleached to make them white, and you don’t need any bleach contaminating your antioxidant-rich beverage!


Everything You Will Need for prepare green tea:-


  • One excellent quality green tea tote


  •   1 cup of warm water


  •  One stainless steel/clay cup


  •  A lid to pay the cup


  •  A stainless steel kettle




step 1->

Be sure that it doesn’t come to a boiling point, which can be 100 degrees C. The temperature of this water should be approximately 80-85 degrees C.


step 2->

Set the green tea bag to the clay or stainless steel cup.


step 3->

Pour the warm water into the cup and then cover it with a little lid. Allow it to simmer for 3 minutes.


step 4->


step 5->

Stir with a spoon, and then have a smoky sip!



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