How Many Lines Are There In Ashoka Chakra? (Amazing Story Behind It)

How Many Lines Are There In Ashoka Chakra?

Hello friends, have you ever thought about how many lines are there in Ashoka Chakra or spokes in Ashok Chakra in the national flag of our country India? And what is the story behind it?

Friends, in today’s blog, we get to know what is the story behind this.

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How many lines are there in Ashok Chakra
How many lines are there in Ashoka Chakra

Reason Behind The Ashoka Chakra

We all know that there is an Ashoka Chakra in our national flag, but why it is and what is the reason behind it, It is probably a few people may know.

Friends, through our today’s blog, we will try to tell you what the story is about this spinning wheel.

Friends, it’s not like this wheel was in the flag from the beginning, during Gandhiji’s time, it used to be a charkha, which was a symbol of self-reliance. but after independence, it was converted into Ashoka Chakra. The chakra represents the Dharmachakra with 24 spokes.

There is a virtue hidden in each spoke that it stands for. The title Ashok Chakra comes from the respective edicts in which it had been discovered through Asoka’s time. It’s in blue with a white backdrop and has been adopted on 22nd July 1947. Another intriguing feature is that the greatest military award can be given by precisely the exact same name.

Another Amazing Story

It is also said that Ashoka Chakra came into existence because of Buddha who after enlightenment told his disciples about it. It was taken by Ashoka and it is shown in the inscriptions of Sarnath where the original Teachings of Buddha ever took place. The 24 spokes signify dharma. It’s also referred to as the Bhavachakra.


Ashok Chakra Is Also Known As Wheel Of Duty.

24 Spokes of Ashok Chakra according to Hindu religion:-

  1. Love
  2. Courage
  3. Patience
  4. Peacefulness
  5. Magnanimity
  6. Goodness
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Gentleness
  9. Selflessness
  10. Self-Control
  11. Self Sacrifice
  12. Truthfulness
  13. Righteousness
  14. Justice
  15. Mercy
  16. Gracefulness
  17. Humility
  18. Empathy
  19. Sympathy
  20. Spiritual Knowledge
  21. Moral Values
  22. Spiritual Wisdom
  23. The Fear of God
  24. Faith or Belief or Hope

So now you must have understood that every spoke of the Ashoka Chakra has its own meaning and how many lines are there in Ashok chakra or spokes and what are some stories behind it.

Friends all of these spokes plays a very vital role in the development of any country.

These spokes are like 24 principals that every citizen should adopt so that differences of language, caste, and religion can be minimized.


As a final conclusion, we would like to say that our ancestors were not only keeping political views but also worried about morality and integrity and the outcome was that the chakra from the flag of the nation.

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